At ECR Planning, we believe that there are many unused and underused resources and programs to help pay for elder care. We are committed to helping American make the most from all of the available programs and services.


No Stone Unturned
We identified and categorized hundreds of programs at all levels of government. Next, we realized that there are also many useful private sector programs that can allow more creative solutions to elder care funding challenges. From nonprofits like the Alzheimer’s Association to some of the innovative technology products and financial services emerging in private enterprise, these programs offered a comprehensive picture of all options to help families save money.
Committed to Affordibility
Accessing your public benefits should not have to cost money. Unfortunately these programs are often complex and further their synergies with other programs are not well understood. Yet the work to research and understand the nuances of each program can yield a large pay-off in terms of long term care benefits.

A Small Price to Pay
We set our prices to cover the costs of our work. However, there are times when even these low prices are out of reach of families who need our services. For this reason, we have begun to offer financial assistance. We offer a number of discounts based on financial hardship to lower income families to make sure that our prices are not a barrier to accessing our services. If you are interested in learning more about these financial assistance options, please ask your benefits adviser.


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