Michael Guerrero


Co-founder and Benefits Adviser
Elder Care Resource Planning


Michael Guerrero, Co-founder and Benefits Adviser, has dedicated his career to  creating excellent customer experiences while working with mission-driven organizations.

Michael serves as Benefits Adviser and leads on developing the new products and services for Elder Care Resource Planning. His background in financial and regulatory analysis makes Michael an expert adviser for families looking to understand benefits and make important financial decisions.

Previously, Michael has led the marketing department at the Organic Materials Review Institute and has taught social entrepreneurship at Simon Fraser University. Michael holds an MBA from the University of British Columbia and a BA in Political Science from Reed College.

Carol B. Guerrero


Legal Adviser
Elder Care Resource Planning


Carol Guerrero serves as Legal Adviser. Carol started her legal career as a paralegal in 1982. She practiced estate planning in PA and NJ for several firms. She earned her legal degree and was licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania in 1992. She moved to California in 1997, and has worked for three firms in the Bay Area as a paralegal. Carol is not a California attorney.

Carol also works with Sterling Ross, Jr. who authored the original Special Needs Trust, which is now commonly used throughout the country. All of Carol’s legal career has been in the area of estate planning and trust administration. Carol Guerrero holds a BA from University of Pennsylvania and a JD from Temple University.

Radha Gallup


VA Benefits Specialist
Elder Care Resource Planning

Radha brings a broad depth of over 10 years of professional experience to Elder Care Resource Planning. In her role as the VA Benefits Specialist, Radha applies her natural talents for organization, problem solving, and empathy to facilitate the complex process of preparing financially for benefits. Her background with nonprofit organizations combined with her commitment to consumer success keeps her highly motivated in the mission-driven, client focused environment at Elder Care Resource Planning.

Previously, in her work as Administrator at Holland Parlette Associates in San Francisco, Radha pushed forward numerous improvements in membership management, event coordination and client communications.  As a freelance writer and digital marketer, she utilizes her creative background to support online start-up companies, helping them improve client discovery and lower costs.

Radha holds a Bachelor’s degree from San Francisco State University in creative arts.

Grettel  Becerra


Benefits Coordinator
Elder Care Resource Planning


Grettel Becerra has an extensive background in Customer Service. In her position as the Benefits Coordinator, Grettel often represents ECRP as the company’s first point of contact. She is committed to helping families identify the best planning and/or benefit options for their loved one’s future care.

She not only provides an invaluable role by helping the customer find the right path, her organizational skills help keep our business operations running smoothly— which results in an exceptional customer experience. She is also fluent in Spanish.

Liz Gomez


Medicaid Specialist
Elder Care Resource Planning


Liz Gomez is the Medicaid Specialist. She is the latest member of the team to join and brings over 10 years of experience in customer service, account management, and finance to her role at Elder Care Resource Planning.

Liz guides families when an elderly loved one transitions from short-term to long-term care. She applies her broad knowledge of state and federal regulations together with her excellent organization skills to help families access needed financial assistance programs. She facilitates the often complex decisions families must make for their loved one’s future care—from benefits eligibility to the long-term impacts on financial wellbeing—with a balance of emotional intelligence and attention to detail.

Liz holds an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance from Bridgewater State College. Previously, she held roles in commercial banking, tourism, and digital reputation management.

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