Medicaid Planning


Understanding Medicaid

Unlike Medicare, state Medicaid programs pay for elders’ long term care benefits, making the Medicaid system the single most important benefit for aging Americans. Medicaid is estimated to pay about 60% of all long term care costs in the country.
Despite its ubiquity, Medicaid eligibility can be complex. Thousands of dollars of benefits are on the line every month as families wait on the results of their applications.
Many families have questions when their elder’s financial situation does not meet their very restrictive limits on assets and income. It’s a common misunderstanding that you must be nearly broke before you can access state Medicaid programs.
A Medicaid planner may provide invaluable guidance through the Medicaid maze. However, their fees can be very high. Often, Medicaid planners are often practicing elder law attorneys, who charge hundreds of dollars per hour. It is very important that families who are already under challenging financial situations use their limited resources wisely.

Free Assessments

Our team of benefits advisers can help family representatives make a quick determination whether they need to use a Medicaid planner to help them with their elderly loved one’s benefits application. We provide this service for free.
If an elder law or Medicaid planner is required to ensure a timely and fair approval of a Medicaid application, our advisers can also help to connect you to a professional who is right for you. You can schedule a time for a free consultation using the contact form below.

Medicaid and Medi-Cal Planning

When preparing for Medicaid, many families want to understand how to protect some family assets. Doing so not only helps the elder save, but also allows them to age with dignity.
ECR Planning offers personalized recommendations on preparing for and getting enrolled in Medicaid, without spending all of your life savings first. We provide valuable guidance on state specific rules to help the family avoid pitfalls and delays. We are familiar with how the Medicaid system works in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Our knowledgeable advisers educate you on how the system works, so you can minimize having to use lawyers or other expensive specialists.

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