VA Benefits Planning


VA Benefits Planning

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers aging veterans who served our country during a period of war a pension to help with the costs of care. And, unlike Medicaid, the VA does not require that the veterans who claim this benefit spend all of their savings beyond becoming eligible.
This cash benefit can be particularly beneficial when it comes to paying for assisted living or other long term care costs. The pension could be worth up to $2000 per month for a veteran or up to $1100 per month for a single surviving spouse.
Veterans, who had at least one day of active during the Second World War (1941-45), Korean Conflict (1950 – 55), or Vietnam (1961 – 75), could be eligible. The Pension is one of the few VA benefits that is also available to the surviving spouses of wartime veterans, making the pool of potential eligibility beneficiaries particularly large. Yet, surprisingly, many are not aware of their VA pension benefit or how to access it.

Application Backlog

Unfortunately, while the VA has a duty to assist the veterans who have served our country during a period of war, the federal agency also has a large backlog of pension applications. Many veterans have been waiting for more than one year for their claim to be decided and their benefits to start. Further complicating the process is that many veterans and their families are not well informed about what the VA needs to make a decision in their case. When veterans or their advisers submit incomplete applications, this slows the process down for everyone who needs benefits.

Fully Developed Claims

Our team of advisers works with veterans and their families to help them prepare exactly what they need to support for the new Fully Developed Claim process for the VA Pension. Instead of 12 months or more, going back and forth with a VA application reviewer, the fully developed claims that we help veterans submit are processed in three months or less. All of the possible information to support the claim is included in one submission.
By working closely with the family to confirm eligibility as soon as possible, we also help to ensure that elders can qualify for one or even two additional months of benefits. Plus, working with the fully developed claim process, we ensure that the pension payments start as soon as possible.

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