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Great News! We’re (Mostly) Business As Usual at Eldercare Resource Planning

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As news of the coronavirus continues to develop, and world events unfold in an increasingly alarming way, one thing is certain: life can change in the blink of an eye. We all just watched it happen.

Coronavirus has crept its way all over the globe, hitting some countries especially hard. While a vaccine seems miles away, people the world over are scrambling to respond to new challenges like social distancing, and working from home. This virus doesn’t play favorites like some of them do. This one’s an equal opportunity killer, putting us all in harm’s way. Many people are having to make big adjustments in their day-to-day lives, some of them rather uncomfortable. But that’s one way we’re lucky right now. Eldercare Resource Planning is a remote team with no central office, which means we’re still here for you. In terms of our business, very little has changed.  

While life itself is no longer business as usual, we are still present every day for those who need us. We started as a remote team years ago, and we’ll stay that way going forward. We have always valued the freedom of choosing where we want to work, and now that so much attention is on self-quarantine and social distancing, we find ourselves functioning as normal for the most part. Normal, except the choice on where to work is no longer ours. Not for a little while, anyway.

It might seem strange, but rarely do our staff ever meet in person… most of our interactions are over the telephone or video conferencing. Because our team members are located throughout North America (and even Poland!), this is how we’ve always done things. We’re still receiving new business, and continue working on open cases with the eligibility workers in the county social services. 

We’ve always been paperless and our confidential documents have always been encrypted because it’s the most secure. So for us, it is truly business as usual in many ways, but for one key difference: We realize how fortunate we are to be safe at home. We know we’re not stuck at home, we’re safe at home. Healthy and strong, and ready to help wherever we can.

I started working remotely around 3 years ago and I never looked back. In fact, I believe that remote work is the future of the workplace. Right now many companies were forced to work remotely. I think that it will make many employees realize that they prefer working from home. Employers, on the other hand, will see that work gets done even if they don’t have control over where and how it’s done.
Marta Wiejak, Community Manager

I am proud of how we built a remote first team. We started back long before it was fashionable. Now, our clients seem to understand the way we work better.
Michael Guerrero, CEO

While there isn’t much to say in terms of disruption to our daily operations at Eldercare Resource Planning, we know this can be a difficult time of transition for many people. Our clients and their loved ones are very much on our minds as we step into the unknown together. This is the main reason we are so grateful to be a remote operation: We can focus on you, and what you’re going through.  

As the virus began taking hold and news of the pandemic spread, senior living facilities everywhere mobilized quickly. Refreshed cleanliness protocols and a new perspective on deadly contaminants have begun to get a handle on the virus. Tightening visitor policies was also high on the list. This was a necessary step to be sure, but one that is leaving many elders isolated and lonely. We understand this completely! Lack of physical contact with family and friends is proving to be one of the hardest things for many people, regardless of age. 

We’re safe at home, and we appreciate that, but it’s clear how much we all need each other. Ironically, distancing ourselves is one of the surest ways that we can show solidarity, express our love, and do our part to protect the most vulnerable among us. 

We’re grateful to be healthy and ready to work, and we’re honored to be here as a resource for you. We’ll get through this together, one step at a time.

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