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Jacqueline S. – Client Testimonial

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Over the years we’ve helped dozens of families qualify for benefits they were entitled to. We took much of the stress and planning away from them, leaving them with time to spend with their elderly loved ones. Don’t just take our word for that – listen to what our satisfied customers have to say. Today we’re bringing you the story of Jacqueline S. and her father. 

In 2018, my father, Luigi’s, Parkinson’s Disease progressed to a very advanced state and his mobility was extremely compromised. On average, he was being taken to the emergency room due to a Parkinson’s-related fall twice a month. The outlook was daunting. His patient caseworker recommended that I seek home care through Medicaid. I had never applied for Medicaid before, and the process seemed complicated and overwhelming. I searched online for assistance through the application process and came across an advertisement for Elder Care Resource Planning. The site offered an obligation-free consultation to provide advice regarding Medicaid eligibility. I completed the form, and after providing information to Michelle from ECRP, I received a consultation call from Michael Guerrero. He was able to put my mind at ease from the start, and I decided to proceed with the Medicaid application with ECRP.

Liz Gomez originally reached out to me and clearly outlined the entire process. I was always given clear and advanced notice for any required documentation. I never felt rushed. There was always verification of receipt and follow-up by Rob Carlson.

What stands out the most about working with ECRP was the fact that Rob was always just a phone call or email away. Rob was ALWAYS there to field every question and concern along the way. That was the type of assurance that truly made this a rewarding experience.  

Even after receiving Medicaid approval, Rob remained on the case until the final stages were complete and home care was officially set up for my father.

It has been 3 months with home care, and Luigi is doing well. He hasn’t fallen or gone to the emergency room since. 

We finally have the peace and comfort of knowing that he is finally getting the proper care that he needs. I thank ECRP for helping us get here.

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