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Case Studies

Medicaid benefits for long-term care are difficult to obtain. Each case is different and it’s hard to know how the rules and regulations apply in your particular circumstances.

We’re bringing you these cases studies to make it easier to understand how Medicaid eligibility works and how Certified Medicaid Planners can help in your case.

Single Applicant

Helen is 88 years old and widowed.

She has been living with her daughter, Amy, for the last year. Amy and her husband both have full-time jobs, and they don’t feel they are giving Helen the level of care she deserves.

Helen has early symptoms of Alzheimer’s and a stroke has left much of her right side paralyzed.

Amy is looking for ways to best help her mum and so she contracts the services of Certified Medicaid Planners. 

Married Applicant

Meet Martin, 82, and Jane, 79.

Martin has been living at home with Jane, who has been acting as his primary caregiver.

However, Martin’s health has been on the decline for several months, and Jane can no longer give him the proper care he needs. Martin has been suffering from dementia for several years.

Jane is looking for a way to provide Martin with the care he needs while also preserving some of their assets to cover her living costs. That’s why she contracts the services of Certified Medicaid Planners.

Family Caregiver

Meet Regina, an 80-year-old widow.

She lives by herself, but she’s starting to experience problems with some of the activities of daily living.

Her daughter, Cathy, helps her after work. She would love to care for her mother full-time, but she needs an income of her own.

Cathy contracts the services of Certified Medicaid Planners to learn about her options.

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