Services: Employee Assistance Programs

Medicaid planning services can be invaluable not only for employees but also for their elderly loved ones who may be facing complex healthcare and financial challenges. As employees navigate the demands of the workplace, they often also find themselves caring for aging parents or relatives. Incorporating Medicaid planning services into Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) can provide employees with the support and resources they need to help their elderly loved ones access the care they need while protecting their assets.

One of the key benefits of Medicaid planning services for elderly loved ones is assistance with understanding and navigating the Medicaid eligibility process. Many elderly individuals may be unfamiliar with the Medicaid program and its eligibility requirements, especially when it comes to accessing long-term care benefits. Medicaid planning services can provide families with information about their state Medicaid program, including eligibility criteria, application procedures, and available long term care services in their area, helping them determine if their loved ones qualify for Medicaid benefits and how to apply.

Medicaid planning services can also assist families in developing a comprehensive long-term care plan for their elderly loved ones. This includes helping families understand their options for financing long-term care, such as through Medicaid or other insurance programs. Medicaid planning services can also provide guidance on how to protect assets while qualifying for Medicaid benefits, ensuring that elderly loved ones can access the care they need without depleting their savings.

Furthermore, Medicaid planning services can offer ongoing support to families as they navigate the Medicaid system on behalf of their elderly loved ones. This can include helping families understand their rights and responsibilities under the Medicaid program, as well as assisting them in resolving any issues or challenges that may arise during the application process. Medicaid planning services can also provide families with information about other resources and services that may be available to them, such as home and community-based programs.

By incorporating Medicaid planning services into EAPs, employers can support not only their employees but also their employees’ families as they navigate the complexities of caring for elderly loved ones. This holistic approach to employee benefits can help employees feel more supported and empowered in managing their caregiving responsibilities, leading to improved morale, productivity, and retention. Additionally, by helping employees plan for the long-term care needs of their elderly loved ones, employers can alleviate some of the stress and financial burden associated with caregiving, benefiting both employees and employers alike. Contact us to talk about a partnership or refer a client.

What is the Process

Each client starts with a personalized 60 minutes consultation call with a Certified Medicaid Planner. During this phone or video meeting, you have time to ask questions about state specific Medicaid programs and the application process. You can also share your goals for helping your loved one live a financially stable life with the care they need.

This confidential conversation has your comfort in mind. Our extensive experience in helping families with this process allows us to understand the frustrations of planning for long-term care. So this meeting is all about how we can serve you by providing answers and guidance. We also include concisely written follow-up material so that the information discussed during the consultation will be available for your future reference.

Who We Can Help

Families who are not automatically eligible for Medicaid long term care. Some examples would be families that have complicated situations such as :

-Over the income / asset limit

-Ineligible but cannot afford their cost of care

-Married couples who don’t understand Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance / Community Spouse Resource Allowance

-Have violated look-back rules

-Advance planning

How to Prepare for Your Consultation

1) Be able to describe loved one’s level of care and current living situation

2) Discuss outcomes you want to see with the family who are involved

3) Gather financial information including monthly income and assets:

– Bank account balances for any checking or savings accounts

– Investment account current market values for any non-qualified retirement accounts

– Account values for any qualified retirement accounts such as 401Ks, IRAs, 403Bs, etc.

– Employment Annuities

– Properties owned, their value and the value of any debt against them

– Life insurance policy cash values

– Any other assets owned by the loved one or couple

Services Offered

– Benefits Consultation

– Medicaid Planning

– Medicaid Trust Assessment

– Medicaid State-To-State Transfer

– Medicaid Continuity Consultation

– Medicaid Redetermination