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Shawnna P. – Client Testimonial

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Finding funding for your loved one’s long term care can be daunting. The prices are extremely high and the need often is urgent. Medicaid administration in many states in overworked and doesn’t make finding relevant information any easier. Luckily, Eldercare Resource Planning is here to help you. We will take you through the entire process, making sure that all your paperwork is in order and that everything is delivered on time. Meet Shawnna, one of our satisfied clients, who shares her experience with ECRP’s help in Medicaid application. 

Before I applied for Medicaid for my husband, I had about $15,000 in savings but that was all. The long-term care facility charged $8,850/month.

I had gone to the Oregon Adult and Family Services website and used the provided calculator and determined that my husband’s social security and pension together were too much for him to be eligible. I was on the Portland, Oregon, Alzheimer’s Association website searching for help on applying for options to pay for my husband’s long-term care as a hospice patience with vascular dementia. I saw that ERC had options for people in our financial situation.

I wanted to see if there was another way my husband might be eligible for Medicaid. I called Eldercare Resource Planning and after the free initial phone interview, I was relieved to know that there was another way to be eligible, so I signed up. The certified Medicaid planner who was assigned to me explained how in Oregon that we could apply by setting up a special trust account where his Social Security and pension were the only deposits that could be made from that account and that I would be a Trustee. He was allowed to have deducted his health insurance and an allowance, but the rest would go to the long-term care facility. Our case was difficult because we had sold our home four years ago and given the majority of the proceeds to our son to remodel his basement to make it ADA approved so we could move there.

I had to provide bank checking and savings account statements for five years, and my son had to show where every dollar had been spent on the house. This took over a month to get all of the documents that were required. My planner walked me through everything that was needed, and I uploaded it all for her to review. And, she reviewed it like she was the person making the Medicaid decision! There were days I wanted to give up, but I knew I couldn’t pay more than two months of my husband’s care. She encouraged me to not give up by emailing me and calling me to lift my spirits. She also never promised “you’ll be approved.” She just assured me that I was providing everything that was required, so after two months, I was approved. I was never asked one question by the Oregon Medicaid specialist; he never asked for any more documents or clarification. 

What I liked the most about ECRP’s services is that my planner was so caring and understanding even when I became frustrated with the process. She never let me give up. She also was so quick to respond to my many, many emails. Right now my stress level is now at a 0 after being at a 100 for two months! The long-term care facility is being paid by Medicaid, and I’m paying our portion. I now can work on getting my savings built back up.

If I could give one advice to anybody applying for Medicaid by themselves, it would be: Stop and hire Eldercare Resource Planning!

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