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Voting and Visitation in Care Facilities

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Do you know your rights when it comes to nursing home visitation even in the times of the pandemic? What about exercising voting rights by your elderly loved ones, currently living in a long term care facility? Do you know how to file a complaint against a care facility? 

All of this information  – and much more – can be found in CANHR’s (California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform)  newest Zoom Town Hall. 

Know your rights. Remember that the care facility hosting your loved one is obliged to provide them at the very least with means for virtual visitation (be that through phone, video, or windows). With the election coming up, make sure that your loved one has a voting plan. Remember that the staff can help them cast a ballot, but cannot influence their vote or vote by proxy. In case if your rights are not being respected, you can always file a complaint. To find out more about any of these three areas, please watch CANHR’s latest Zoom Town Hall recording linked below.

Our good friends at CANHR do a tremendous job in many areas related to long term care. Their Zoom Town Hall is just one of the ways in which they advocate for a better life of the elderly. They provide a variety of resources for those in care facilities and their loved ones. To find out more, go to

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