Education, Expertise, and Empathy on Your Medicaid Journey

ECR Planning offers professional support to families needing to access long-term care Medicaid benefits in their loved one’s state.

Access Medicaid Benefits With Strategy, Not Stress

It can feel intimidating to establish benefits for a loved one on your own. We know how it feels because we had to learn the hard way as we tried to help a family member. Now, you don’t have to go through the application process alone. Our expert team removes the stress to give you and your relative peace of mind and financial stability.

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A Complete Process to Bring Financial Peace

The confusing Medicaid benefits process often leads people to submit their loved one’s applications with unknown errors. Any misstep risks a delay in approval or, worse, outright rejection. ECR Planning strategically handles this complicated piece and advocates on your behalf so that you can focus on your family member’s needs.

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Bringing Compassion and Dignity to Families in 50 States

Accessing Medicaid benefits is different in each state, further adding to the confusion. ECR Planning helps clients and their families in every state. You and your relative don’t have to be in the same state for us to serve you.

Answering Your Questions

How difficult is it to apply and receive approval on my own?

The actual Medicaid application is about 8-10 pages. However, you also must include five years of complete financial statements when applying. This requirement demands a significant amount of time, and most people vastly underestimate the difficulty of gathering the financials on their loved one’s behalf. To make it more complicated, you may be working to produce all of these documents against a deadline. When applying for long-term care benefits, applicants must undergo a functional eligibility assessment, as well.

How does Eldercare Resource Planning make this easier?

The ECR Planning team represents decades of experience in financial planning, Medicaid benefits, and elder law. Although we are not a legal firm and do not offer legal advice, our background gives us a unique understanding of the challenges families face in establishing their loved ones’ financial stability. From your initial consultation until you receive a benefits decision, we are by your side. One of the most significant ways we serve our clients is by handling the necessary financial documentation. Our team has processes and relationships that allow us to streamline the application journey. We can recover the required financial information much more quickly through our proven techniques and networks. This financial piece of the application is generally the most challenging, but it’s also the most crucial. With ECR Planning, you can hand off this critical task and ensure a higher likelihood of approval. Additionally, we serve families who are planning for when they will be ready to apply. Our expert Medicaid Benefits Consultation gives you the knowledge to make empowered financial decisions with your loved one. This step will help set up your elderly relative for success and peace.

Why does the state matter? Isn’t Medicaid a federal program?

Medicaid is a federal entity that operates in conjunction with the states. Each state handles its applications and eligibility determinations, so you must apply through the state where your loved one lives. Currently, ECR Planning helps clients with their applications in all states.

What does it mean to “spend down” for Medicaid?

Eligibility relies significantly on the applicant’s income and assets, and the parameters are based on a percentage of the federal poverty level. Each state establishes its own limits for Medicaid long-term care benefits, so having an expert to help you with this is vital. In many cases, your loved one will need to spend down some of their money and assets to meet the eligibility levels. The tricky part of this situation is that they must spend it on specific expenses to protect their eligibility. Fortunately, Medicaid planning qualifies as an allowed expense. You and your family must be careful during this process. Gifting money to family members and other unqualified expenditures will disrupt your application. The ECR Planning experts can guide you through this financial piece of the puzzle. Our team of planners helps your loved one protect their assets to the full extent possible so that their spouse or family caregiver retains financial resources.

What’s the Medicaid Planning Process?

Step 1

Meet with one of our expert Benefits Advisors to determine eligibility and decide if it makes sense for your family to hire a Medicaid planner. If working with us is the right fit, we move on to the application process. During this call, you may decide that a Benefits Consultation is more appropriate for your situation.

Step 2

You fill out a comprehensive intake questionnaire and discuss the answers with your Medicaid Specialist.You will have time to ask questions and clarify anything that doesn’t make sense.Our team then pulls together the necessary financial information to submit your completed application.

Step 3

Our team of experts and Certified Medicaid Planners™ are with you the entire time. If there is a need for other documentation as the state reviews your loved one’s application, we help you take care of that. We work with tenacity and compassion to advocate for your family until benefits are in place.

Client Reviews

“It was worth every penny to relieve the stress and allow me to focus on being present for my father while he was in nursing and hospital care.”