Services: Planning & Application Support for Attorneys

Working Together to Help Families

In addition to working directly with families, Eldercare Resource Planning works with Attorneys to provide Medicaid application support. Our Certified Medicaid Planners™ have valuable knowledge and training in the requirements for receiving Medicaid long-term care benefits and have developed efficient processes for working with families and with Medicaid application offices nationwide. We support your client applying for Medicaid benefits by doing all the back office work while you maintain the relationship with the client and provide the legal services.

Having our Medicaid Planners manage the logistics of the application process can reduce the application preparation time, reduce the application approval time, lower stress and allow you to focus on more complicated, higher return engagements.

Support Services Provided to Attorneys

We offer a comprehensive and flexible Medicaid planning package tailored to each Attorney’s needs. While we can provide all the following services for our attorney partners, we can also limit our services to only those our partners require for their clients.

Client Medicaid Education – Helping families to understand their Medicaid long term care options such as nursing home vs. HCBS and educating them on timeline and their responsibilities during the application process.

Document and Information Collection – Project managing the family to gather all the necessary financial and medical information required for the application. Organizing that information to enable strategic planning decisions.

Asset and Income Qualification Strategies – Strategic planning to help applicants meet the income and asset eligibility criteria.

Asset Protection Strategies – Strategic planning to help applicants preserve their homes and assets for family members and successive generations.

Application Support and Submission – Error-free Medicaid application completion and submission.

Medicaid Office Relations – Communication with the Medicaid office following application submission for questions, follow up documentation and to streamline the decision process.

Post Eligibility Reviews – Review of the Medicaid decision letter and spousal allowance calculations for accuracy. Correction of any discrepancies with the Medicaid office and, if necessary, appealing the decision through the Fair Hearing Process.

In addition to the above services, we offer attorneys Benefit Consultations for their clients. These are hourly consults in which we discuss benefits, eligibility, and asset protection strategies with the attorney to save them research time and so they are aware of the most recent changes to their state’s Medicaid long term care program. 

Fees & Pricing Model

Our fees vary depending on the state, marital status, services provided and with the complexity of the Medicaid application.