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Family First at All Times

Our nation’s aging population struggles to get the compassionate, high-quality care they should have. Sadly, we learned this the hard way when one of our beloved elderly relatives needed long-term care that we could no longer safely provide.

It was crucial to us that they have the best quality of life possible for their remaining years, but the process of applying for and receiving long-term care Medicaid benefits was overwhelming. Online resources were unclear and inconsistent, especially since each state can set different requirements.

We felt lost.

And in the meantime, our family member couldn’t get the appropriate level of help to live in comfort and dignity, leaving us heartbroken and feeling helpless. These overwhelming moments spurred us to create a solution to ensure that families can get the assistance and support they deserve.

We didn’t want other spouses, siblings, sons, or daughters trying to assist their aging family members to go through the same turmoil we did.

Ready to Serve

In 2015, our mother-son team of Carol and Michael Guerrero combined their expertise and experience to form Eldercare Resource Planning. With Carol’s extensive legal background and Michael’s business management and client success expertise, the company met a significant need. We have now served hundreds of families around the nation.

Our team has grown over the years, but our commitment to serving with empathy, compassion, and advocacy hasn’t wavered.

We have walked in your shoes. We have shed your tears. We have felt your worries.

And now we’re here to help remove your fears and frustrations as you try to help your loved ones. It’s an honor to walk this journey in supporting our country’s seniors. They have done the work that life required of them, and now it’s our privilege to help them enjoy the rest and comfort they have a right to claim.

We look forward to serving you!

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